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Attain Your R3 Goals with AMS


We handle recruiting for you: students can easily find and sign up for online and in-person hunter education courses, beginning their journey to becoming lifetime sportsmen. In addition to the comprehensive education offered by the nationally accepted Today’s Hunter curriculum, students also gain access to resources to continue to learn more about hunting, including the programs offered by your agency.


Retain hunters, year after year, with effective communication and targeted outreach. Kalkomey AMS integrates student data from online and classroom courses with license software and customer relationship management tools, increasing the power of your retention efforts. The result? More hunters and more licenses sold.


Identify and reactivate lapsed hunters, reuniting them with the outdoors. AMS software applications and data integrations empower your agency to target inactive sportsmen with personalized communications, welcoming them back into participation. AMS stores all records in a secure, easily searchable database providing the data, insights and tools to accomplish your agency’s R3 goals.

AMS Products and Services

AMS Licensing™

Kalkomey Agency Management Solutions (AMS) is a full service suite of products for the wildlife and natural resources agency. AMS offers everything from education to licensing. Most importantly, Kalkomey’s in-house experts will be there to assist you every step of the way. Manage recruitment, retention, and reactivation of all your outdoor enthusiasts with AMS.

Online Courses™

Kalkomey specializes in building, hosting, and supporting an excellent learning experience for your students. Our Online Courses™ recruit and educate new students with our expert-reviewed curriculum, serving as an extension of your agency to deliver education when and where your students demand it.

Event Manager™

Event Manager™ allows agency users to create and digitally manage in-person events with a full suite of tools. Every Event Manager™ user benefits from simplified event creation, registration and reporting workflows. Easily integrate with any AMS product for powerful data analysis and insights.

Certification Manager™

Certification Manager™ empowers agencies to search, edit, and report certification data. Student data is 100% safe, secure, and most importantly, accessible to you! Streamline your card issuance process and easily integrate Certification Manager™ with any agency application.

Agency Support Services

Our agency users are our top priority, which is why Kalkomey offers specialized agency support services. This team of AMS experts assists agency users as they launch, learn and use AMS products. No matter what you need, we are here to help every step of the way.

Outreach Optimization

AMS includes an array of marketing and communication services for your agency. Recruit more participants with ultramodern marketing technology and practices. Retain and reactivate sportsmen with data fueled campaigns. Serving as an extension of your agency, AMS Outreach Optimization maximizes R3 efforts.

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